Better image support

I thought I'd mention a couple of new features related to images that might come in handy. First, the chrome extension was updated. It's main purpose is still to link to or cite web pages you copy content from. What's new is that the link you get when you paste an image url into the note field now points to the source web page instead of the actual image. The only requirement is that you do not visit any other tabs between copying and pasting the url. 

Note that images are copied to our servers when you paste an image URL. The reason for doing so is to not use resources that another site has to pay for. In addition, your links won't break if the source site choses to move or take down the image.

The other image-related improvement is that you can now add question text images by drag and drop or by pasting an image url into an input field. Previously, you had to upload images to your library before you could use them. The two new alternatives removes this friction, which hopefully results in more images being used. Dropped and pasted images will be added to your root image category, from where they can be moved to a more appropriate subcategory later.